“Finding Julian Sands: A Journey to Nowhere”

We were all so eagerly anticipating the results of the search for the beloved actor Julian Sands, only to be further disappointed when human remains, presumably belonging to him, were found in the California mountain manage. We were so hopeful the technological advances of today would be enough to bring us closer to finding our missing star, especially after authorities were able to track an iPhone ping to the Baldy Bowl area.
 Sadly, all attempts to use the cell provider to further hone in on Sands' location were futile, both due to the lack of cell service in the area and the fact that his phone might not even have power. Of course, the search and rescue crews did all that they could to find Sands in ground and air searches, but the horrible weather conditions only made their mission that much harder. And thus, after so much work, the authorities eventually caved and suspended their search operations. What a pity – what other techy marvels might have been utilized if only our searches had been more successful? Ah, too bad.

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